Kintech Lab - Intagrated Tools for Inventive Solutions


Today problems in energetics, ecology and new materials raise new demands in the industry. The complexity and breadth of new problems requires the development of new methods for the low-cost and rapid analysis and solution of problems.

Kintech Lab has extended experience in design, optimization, and modeling of a wide spectrum of apparatuses/processes in different branches of industry. This capability is strongly supported through the extensive studies of physicochemical phenomena by world-class experts and the use of the state-of-art simulation methods.

Kintech Lab software collection Chemical Workbench and Khimera provides smart and low-cost integrated solution of the enumerated problems in energetics, combustion, materials, electronics, and other industries. The software offers both possibilities of recovering the properties of new processes and materials (Khimera) and of developing and optimizing new technologies (Chemical Workbench).