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Research & Development Service for Chemical Industry

Chemical industry has to continuously optimize chemical processes in response to the growth of feedstock costs, power limitations, and environmental requirements. The further optimization of chemical technology usually necessitates the deeper understanding of the underlying processes. Kintech Lab provides cost-effective solutions for the optimization of chemical processes based on the fundamental analysis of the limiting stages of these processes and also knowledge-driven solutions to these issues. The analysis is usually based on the development of kinetic mechanisms of corresponding chemical processes and the revelation of rate-limiting stages; it results in suggestions with improvements. Mechanistic modeling can be applied not only to homogeneous chemical processes, but also to heterogeneous ones, such as heterogeneous catalysis. Possible R&D applications in chemical industry are listed below.

R&D Applications
Area Activity
Homogeneous processes Development of homogeneous kinetic mechanisms
Heterogeneous processes Development of heterogeneous kinetic mechanisms
Catalysis First-principles-based screening of catalytic activity
Catalyst ageing Analysis of ageing processes, catalyst sintering, predictable models of ageing
Reactor design Conceptual design of chemical reactors including transport limitations
Products for Chemical Industry

Kintech Lab software products Chemical Workbench and Khimera can be widely used in chemical industry for developing kinetic mechanisms of chemical processes and for the conceptual design of the whole technology.