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Research & Development Service in Environmental Industry

Industry nowadays has to meet more and more strong ecological demands on the control of pollution and the reduction of wastes. Therefore, industrial processes should be optimized with respect to emission control and the possible recovery of waste products. Modeling allows the prediction the pollution level of the given process and, hence, the optimization of the process conditions to comply with the ecological regulations. Moreover, the economical and ecological benefits of alternative processes can be investigated by the conceptual design of the process. Kintech Lab has corresponding software products and expertise for the predictive modeling of pollution emission and the conceptual design of chemical processes. Detailed examples of such investigations are listed below.

R&D Applications
Area Activity
Municipal waste treatment Organic & inorganic materials treatment, syngas productions, cleaning of off-gases
Treatment of exhausted gases from power plants Exhausted gases (SO2, NOx, dioxins..) cleaning. Traditional (scriber, DEA separator..) and new (plasma, electron beam) technologies
Treatment of exhausted gases of combustion engines Cleaning in exhausted tube, DeNOx minimization
Gasification Pollutant control (H2S, HCN, PAH, soot)

- Plasma-assisted hydrogen production from H2S
- Heterogeneous purification of exhausted gases from NOx and SO2
- Plasma-melt technology for waste treatment and syngas production
- Exhaust-gas system: physical and chemical modeling of carbonyidiamide injection (CH4N2O)