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Research & Development Service for Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a growing industry of new functional materials and devices of nanoscale sizes, such as nanocomposites, nanoelectronics, etc. The nanoscale size of these objects is responsible for their unique properties and new physical phenomena; however, these properties and working characteristics are very difficult to analyze. This is why theoretical methods offer a cost-effective alternative to exploring the world of nanoeffects. Moreover, nanoscale sizes allow the researchers to analyze the properties of nanoobjects directly at the atomistic level without continuous-medium approximations. This makes simulation methods the most powerful and predictive tool for nanotechnology.

R&D Applications
Area Activity
Nanomaterials Mechanical, electric, and optical properties of nanomaterials from the first-principles
Nanostructure synthesis Kinetics of nanostructure formation
Nanocomposites Mechanical properties of nanocomposites
Nanoelectronics Quantum confinement effects in electronics, molecular electronics
Nanophotonics Metamaterials for photonics
NEMS Device modeling, including electric and tribological properties of NEMS

- Carbon nanotube-based NEMS
- Growth mechanism of carbon nanostructures
- Multilevel modeling of thin high-k dielectric film growth
- Calculation of thermal conductivity of ideal and defective CNT