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Reseach & Development Service in Plasma Industries

The intensive application of plasma in different branches of industry is due to the specific properties and variety of plasmas. Small sizes and very high energy content make equilibrium (torch) plasma very attractive for intensifying the treatment of large flows of matter wastes. At the same time, non-equilibrium plasmas (glow and corona discharge) proved to be effective tools for initiating specific plasma-chemical processes for gas purification, combustion initiation, surface etching, etc.

R&D Applications
Area Activity
Plasma-assisted combustion Extension of combustion limits for turbine operation
Plasma-assisted gasification Syngas production from different types of fuels
Advanced sources of light High & low pressure free Hg lamps
Surfaces modification Etching & Film growth
Waste treatment H2 production from wastes
Purification of gases/liquids Plasma sources for H2S, NOx, SO2, furans and dioxin purification
Particular matter Nano & Micro particular powders
Advanced combustion engines Plasma assisted detonation engine
Plasma reactor modeling Optimization and design of plasma reactor

Radiation Mechanism for Chemically Active Plasma