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Kintech Lab seminar in the framework of ICDERS 2009 conference.

Kintech Lab holds seminar "Development of Kinetic Mechanisms for Predictive Combustion and Detonation Modeling: Advanced Theoretical Approaches, Nuts and Bolts" in the framework of ICDERS 2009 conference, July 27-31 2009, Minsk, Belarus.


A priory predictive modeling is becoming essential for the progress in combustion science and combustion technologies. One of the key factors determining the progress here is the new methods and tools for detail and reduced chemical kinetic mechanism development. Over the recent years, new comprehensive theoretical methods as well as commercial and open source tools with a convenient user interface became available.

The seminar is devoted to an overview of theoretical approaches as well as simulation tools in the field. Special attention is devoted to Kintech software suite designed to experimentalist and combustion engineers as being non-experts in modeling and to motivate them to use said methods in their day to day work.