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Chemical Workbench package is updated

New features




1. Sensitivity coefficients calculation for flame models

2. New Chemkin approximations

- Plog

- Cheb

3. User defined reaction rate for flame models

4. Premixed flame model with recombination boundary conditions

5. CBR model with time rpofile (CBR_PTt).

6. Possibility to select units for mechanism export to Chemkin format

7. User defined calculated columns at results tables

8. Results tables columns filter (Possibility to show/hide particular columns at results tables)

9. Results tables sorting

10. Copy/paste substance concentrations values from results table to input flow.

11. Keeping of results tables representation setting (including columns filters, values sorting units etc.)

12. Sensitivity matrix representation control. (Include substances list)

13. Reaction pathway diagram: Substances/processes tree for diagram representation control


Mechanism comparison


1. Separate tool for detailed comparison of two selected substances or processes.

2. Compared processes list export was implemented.


Bugs fixed


Error with cross-section values rounding at VibrKin model