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International Conference on Computational Science

Kintech Lab has participated in the International Conference on Computational Science 2014 which took place in Cairns, Australia in June, 10-12. Two talks were presented:

1. "Simulation Platform for Multiscale and Multiphysics Modeling of OLEDs" (M.Bogdanova, S.Belousov, I.Valuev, A.Zakirov, M.Okun, D.Shirabaykin, V.Chorkov, P.Tokar, A. Knizhnik, B.Potapkin, A.Bagaturyants, K.Komarova, M.N.Strikhanov, A.A.Tishchenko, V.R.Nikitenko, V.M.Sukharev, N.A.Sannikova, I.V.Morozov


2. "Boosting FDTD Performance by Compiler- Generated Recursive Space-Time Update Schemes" (I.Valuev, A.Zakirov)


The materials of the first talk was published in the Procedia Computer Science V.29, pp. 740–753 (2014)