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Kintech Lab team is proud to announce the Chemical Workbench 4.1 release - next version of our platform for kinetic mechanism development and device scale kinetic modeling of gas phase, plasma and heterogenius processes.

See the complete list of new features here.


Reactor models

  • New fast and accurate one dimensional flame models solver
  • Sensitivity coefficients calculation in flame models
  • Recombination boundary conditions for premixed flame models

Calculation results post processing and visualization

  • User defined function computed columns
  • Calculation results filter and sorting
  • Reaction path diagram is redesigned
  • Sensitivity data output is improved

Tools for mechanism development

  • Mechanism comparison and merge tool


  • Specification of chemical mechanism parameters units for export to the Chemkin mechanism format



Starting from Chemical Workbench version 4.1 we introduce new package - Basic Set. It extends current set of packages (Combustion, Chemical Engineering, Plasma and Full) and makes selection of the Chemical Workbench configuration which is right for you more easier.<br/>The Basic Set includes the following:<br/>

  • Thermodynamic equilibrium models
  • General gas phase chemical kinetics (batch, plug flow and perfectly stirred models)
  • Database: GUI and Standard dataset
  • Mechanism Reduction Module with Reaction Paths Visualization

This version is ideal for colleges and universities to introduce the chemical thermodynamics and chemical equilibria as well as basics of chemical kinetics.


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