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IX International Conference "Combustion, heat exchange and ecology of heat-engines"

Kintech Lab has participated in the IX International Conference "Combustion, heat exchange and ecology of heat-engines".  Conference took place in Samara Aerospace State University from 17 to 18 September, 2014, Russia. Three talks were presented by Kintech team:



  • "Chemical kinetics in the predictive modeling of combustion processes". B.Potapkin, I.Zaev, M.Deminsky (Kintechlab, Moscow)
  • "Development ant virification of detailed and reduced kinetic mechanisms of JET-A fuel surrogate combustion for gas turbine conditions" M.Strelkova et. al (KintechLab, Moscow)
  • "Non-equilibrium plasma using for optimization of combustion processes", A.Lebedev, M.Deminskiy (KintechLab, Moscow).


Kintech products were used for simulations and analysis of results in following talks:



  • "Modeling of combustion chamber of gas turbine using net work aproach" , I.Chechet, B.Anisimov (Samara aerospace university, Samara)
  • "Results of numerical simulation of combustion processes and NOx generation using ANSYS CFX", A.Badernikov, M.Maluigina, D. Hantalin (LTd Saturn, Rubinsk)
  • "Deteiled mechanisms reduction for simulation of combustion of hydrocarbons fuels in the combustion chamber of gas turbines" , I.Chechet, A. Semehin, L.Klimanov (Samara aerospace university, Samara)