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Kintech Lab held a WEBINAR: "Storage and exchange of physico-chemical data: overview of the information system KintechDB"

See the webinar recording here.


During the modeling of the physico-chemical processes the amount of information on properties of substances and processes collected from a various sources grows steadily. If the data are not systematized, then eventually the search of necessary data in a large volume of information and tracking of their changes becomes difficult and challenging task. This is especially true if several people are working with the data at the same time.

"Kintech Lab" company developed a unique solution - an information system KintechDB - to store information about the properties of individual substances, elementary processes and kinetic mechanisms of processes in gases and plasmas, which solves these problems.


At the webinar the overview of the information system KintechDB will be given, including:

  • supported types of physico-chemical data
  • multiuser support for processing the information: save, edit, versioning,
  • search for data, visualization of the temperature-dependent properties, comparison of the chemical kinetic mechanisms,
  • support for various formats of data, integration with third-party software packages,
  • KintechDB as a reference book - which data are available in the distribution package?