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WEBINAR: "Chemical Workbench: software for chemical kinetics model development and conceptual design of processes in reactive media"

Kintech Lab Ltd. invites you to join our webinar which will be held:

Americas, Europe, Middle East: February 24,
19:00 Moscow time

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Asia and Pacific: February 25,
10:00 Moscow time

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For a number of industrial technologies like clean combustion of fossil fuels, catalysis, plasma-based light sources, thin films growth/surface etching in micro-electronics the finite rates of chemical transformation determine the process efficiency. At the “proof-of-the-concept” stage of the technology development the detailed engineering design, including multidimensional simulations, seems to be too expensive.

Chemical workbench is a chemical thermodynamics and kinetics modeling software, which allows to build a conceptual model of the processes in reactive media based in chemical reactor networks, rapidly analyze its strengths and weakness and plan directions for further studies and detailed engineering design. If the appropriate chemical model of the process is absent, Chemical Workbench provides tools for its development and validation.


At the webinar you will know about:

  • Basic principles of Chemical Workbench – Chemical Reactor Networks (CRN)
  • Available models and target industries
  • Example of conceptual design of technology: H2S treatment, gas turbine thermodynamic cycle
  • Tools for chemical model development and validation
  • Example of chemical model analysis and validation: methane auto-ignition
  • Accompanying database KintechDB – software for storing the physical and chemical properties of substances and processes