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Webinar "Kinetic mechanisms development for combustion, environment and catalysis: overview of Kintech Lab tools"

Kintech Lab Ltd. held a webinar on May 5. See the



The number of scientific groups involved in development of the chemical kinetic models for combustion of hydrocarbons fuels and industrial processes continuously grows due to high demand from energy and propulsion systems designers, process engineers, who use simulations as a design tool.

Being at the front of this trend Kintech Lab continuously develops and provide customers with a number of tools, which greatly simplify and accelerate the process of mechanisms development. At the webinar the overview of these tools will be given and includes:

- mechanisms validation against experimental measurements;

- direct mechanisms comparison: species by species, reaction by reaction;

- identification of the primary reaction paths via mechanism reduction;

- identification of the key individual reactions via sensitivity analysis;

- recovery of the species thermodynamic data and elementary reactions rates based on first-principles based simulations;

- centralized collection of data on species, reactions, mechanisms, which simplifies the accumulation and further use of data


Who would be interested:

Scientists, who develops chemical kinetic models of hydrocarbons and real fuels combustion; scientists working in the field of reaction engineering and process engineering, catalysis; managers of R&D teams.