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Webinar (July 23) "Non-equilibrium chemically active plasma: modelling with Chemical Workbench environment"

Kintech Lab Ltd. invites you to join our webinar which will be held on July 23 (Thursday), 18:00 Moscow time

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Non-equilibrium plasma has intensive application in different branches of industry. Compact size, high energy density, selectivity in respect of chemical reactions and vibrational, rotational, electronic degree of freedom makes non-equilibrium plasma an effective tool for stimulating of combustion, purification, surface etching, creation of new sources of light, etc.

Chemical Workbench is a software for modeling of plasma and chemical processes where high energy plasma kinetics is strongly coupled with conventional equilibrium kinetics of heavy particles. That gives very wide capabilities for studies and engineering design of different technologies.


At the webinar you will know about:


  • Collection of plasma models and target industries;
  • Principles of conceptual design based on combination of plasma models with other chemical models using reactor network approach;
  • Examples of conceptual design of plasma-based technologies:
    • Mercury-free light sources;
    • Plasma-assisted combustion and NOx reduction for gas turbine applications;
  • Tool for recovering of unknown characteristics of elementary plasma-chemical processes;
  • Accompanying database KintechDB for storing the physical and chemical properties of substances and processes including plasma-chemical reactions.


Who should attend:

Mechanical engineering and Chemical Engineering scientists and researchers, engineers working in the fields of combustion, chemical engineering, petrochemistry, plasma technologies, microelectronics.