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Fluid Workbench 1.0 is now available for downloads for evaluation.

Fluid Workbench (FWB) is a software for calculations of thermodynamic, thermophysical and radiation properties of gases and plasma. Go to Downloads page.

FWB permits to calculate following properties of gases:

  • Equilibrium composition, ni
  • Constant pressure heat capacity Cp(T,P)
  • Enthalpy H(T,P)
  • Entropy, S(T,P)
  • Viscosity coefficient μ(T,P)
  • Binary diffusion coefficients Dij(T,P) for all pairs of particles (i,j)
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient λ(T,P)
  • Electrical conductivity σ(T,P)
  • Absorption coefficient kabs(T,P)
  • Net Emission Coefficient εnet(T,P)
  • Radiative heat conductivity λrad
  • Refraction index
  • Radiation spectrum

Calculation can be done in suggestion of Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium (LTE) and for non-equilibrium composition provided by user.