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e-Data Center

The e-Data Center is a new service by Kintech Lab. The e-Data Center was specially organized for scientists and engineers requiring individual data calculated for their specific needs and taking into account particular conditions. The e-Data Center facility becomes specially important in case when experimental data are limited or unavailable. Progress in theoretical methods, the development of efficient computational algorithms, the continuous exponential growth of computer resources, and recent advances in massively parallel computing offer a possibility of gaining necessary data without performing experimental investigations in many cases. 

Having high level experts in different fields of molecular, plasma and solid state physics and based on a more than 10 years experience in performing research projects in different fields we can offer the following services:

  • Search and high level expertise of information on atoms, molecules, microscopic and macroscopic properties of liquids and solids, gas phase chemical and plasma reactions and energy transfer processes, radiation-matter interaction and also chemical processes in solids and at the gas-solid interface;
  • Data mining in all the above fields based upon our multilevel-multiphysics approach starting from first principles quantum chemistry and using up-to-date theoretical approaches for calculation of material properties and physicochemical kinetics.

Here you can learn the classification and examples of the data that can be provided by Kintech Lab.

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