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Transport Properties of Neutral Particles in Gases

The importance of the quantitative information on transport properties for multicomponent reacting gas mixtures needs no comments. Kintech Lab can perform calculations of transport coefficients (viscosity, thermal conductivity) for heavy particle in one component gas or a mixture, thermodiffusion coefficients for all species, and multicomponent diffusion coefficients for all pairs of species.

The following transport coefficients can be calculated: heavy particle transport coefficients; mixture viscosity m, mixture thermal conductivity (translational ltr, internal lint, total l=ltr+lint ); thermodiffusion coefficients DTi and thermodiffusion ratios kTi for all species (i=1,...,N), where N is the total number of species; multicomponent diffusion coefficients Dik and multicomponent resistance coefficients Dik for all pairs of species (i,j=1,...,N). Kintech Lab provides these coefficients both for traditional form of Stefan-Maxwell relations "fluxes via forces" following to the works by Hirschfelder and Devoto (DTi, Dik) and also for the new form of Stefan-Maxwell relations "forces via fluxes" according to Tirskii and Kolesnikov (kTi, Dik).

  • Mixture viscosity
  • Mixture thermal conductivity
  • Binary diffusion coefficients for all pair of species
  • Thermodiffusion coefficients and thermodiffusion ratios for all species
  • Multicomponent diffusion coefficients and multicomponent resistance coefficients  for all pairs of species

Calculation of viscosity and thermal conductivity for a dissociated CO2 gas mixture


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