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Thermodynamic Properties of Gases, Liquids, Solids and Multiphase Systems

Thermodynamic properties of individual substances are required for any analysis of multielement multiphase physicochemical systems. As a rule, most of them are retrieved from the existing databases. In some cases, the data for a substance you need are unavailable or out-of-date and should be calculated. Kintech Lab experts have informational and mathematical software that provides the calculation of thermodynamic functions and thermochemical properties of individual substances in a wide temperature range. Using these data, Kintech Lab experts can perform thermodynamic modeling of various chemically active substances, which can be found in metallurgy, materials science, plasma chemistry, chemical technology, gas dynamics, power engineering, etc. We can calculate the following thermodynamic properties:

  • enthalpy of formation
  • entropy
  • Gibbs energy (chemical potential)
  • heat capacity

Thermodynamic properties and geometry of FeF3

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