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Processes of heavy particles on the surface

Quantitative information about the surface diffusion of adsorbed particles and its chemical reactions is of crucial importance for kinetic modeling in heterogeneous catalysis, nanotechnology, and plasma chemistry. The state of the art models of surface processes are based on qualitative physical ideas about the potential energy surfaces of the adsorbed particles and their dynamical interaction with phonons of the solid. Two approaches are used in the diffusion processes. The first is based on the kinetic Fokker–Plank equation, and the other uses the stochastic Langevin approach. The model of surface reactions in the kinetic regime is based on a well-proven variant of the statistical approach.

  • Gas-surface elementary reactions
  • Surface diffusion and reactions 


Surface diffusion of Na on Cu(001)

Oxidization of CO on Pt

Annealing of tungsten

Gas-surface reaction Zr(OH)2/s/+ZrCl4->Zr(OH)OZrCl3/s/ + HCl

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