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Equilibrium Reactions of Neutral Particles

Quantitative information about the rates of thermal bimolecular reactions is necessary for kinetic modeling in combustion, aeronautics, laser physics, and plasma chemistry. Kintech Lab can provide numerical realization of a set of up-to-date models for calculating rate constants of thermal bimolecular reactions of different types.

  • Direct bimolecular reaction
  • Bimolecular reaction via an intermediate complex
  • Unimolecular decomposition reaction
  • Unimolecular isomerization reaction
  • Termomolecular reaction  

Chain-branching reaction O+H2->OH+H

Chain initiation reaction O2+C2H6->HO2+ C2H5

Chain propagation reaction OH+CH4-> H2O+ CH4

Soot growth reaction C2H2 + C2H2-> C4H3 + H

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