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Custom Model Development Service

The developers often encounter situations or conditions when they have to develop a model representing actual conditions of a particular process or device. In these situations, Kintech Lab can develop new or tailor existing models for a specific application.

Development of the reliable physicochemical models is the important step of the research project and have a crucial importance in the predictive modeling technique.

Kintech Lab has a solid experience in the development of custom physicochemical models, starting from quantum-chemical ones up to add-ons to CFD packages. After a thorough analysis of your specific problem and product requirements, we will deliver tailored robust solutions based on present-day modeling approaches.

Kintech Lab simulation software products offer wide capabilities that allow customers to solve a variety of kinetic problems. Khimera elementary process models and Chemical Workbench reactor models are designed for the efficient solution of chemical process problems under idealized or specific flow conditions. Custom model for particular process or technology can be incorporated into the Chemical Workbench modeling environment or developed based on CWB and Khimera model libraries.

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