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Research & Development Service in Automotive Industry

New economic and ecological requirements for automotive transport necessitate the development of more efficient energy conversion cycles, like those employing hybrid or electric vehicles, and new fuels, like biofuels and hydrogen fuel. Extensive research efforts will be spent to adapt these technology for a wide use in automotive industry. Modeling can drastically reduce the cost of these efforts by analyzing different conversion concepts, process optimization, and search for required materials. Kintech Lab has deep experience in the mechanistic modeling of physicochemical processes of fuel conversion in engines, the analysis of advanced energy conversion pathways, and the screening of promising energy-storage materials. The promising R&D applications in automotive industry is listed below.

R&D Applications
Area Activity
Waste energy recovery Advanced thermoelectric materials and photothermovoltaic energy conversion
Electric energy storage Analysis of electrochemical energy storage systems
Hydrogen storage Advanced materials for hydrogen storage
Fuell cells Advances materials for high and low T operations
H2 production Plasma kinetics for H2, syngas production
Advanced combustion engines Kinetics of combustion at high P
Heavy fuels application Mechanistic analysis of combustion characteristics
Combustion engines, turbines Extension of combustion limits

Exhaust-gas system: physical and chemical modeling of carbonyidiamide injection (CH4N2O)