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Research & Development Service for Microelectronics

The rapid growth of the performance of microelectronic devices calls for new advanced materials and process technologies. Recently, new materials for post-silicon semiconductor technology were applied, such as high-k dielectric materials for gate oxides, low-k materials for interconnects, metal gates, etc. Moreover, new processes were proposed to meet future technology requirements, such as atomic layer deposition process with the atomic-scale control of the deposited film thickness. According to International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), computer modeling and simulations will play an increasing role in the development of new materials and processes and will help in reducing the development time and cost. Kintech Lab has a unique expertise in the mechanistic analysis of materials properties and process characteristics staring from their atomistic nature. Kintech Lab uses multi-scale approaches to relate processes at the atomistic level to device behavior at the engineering level. This provides fundamental guidance for the development and optimization of new microelectronic materials and processes. The prospective R&D applications in microelectronics are given below.

R&D Applications
Area Activity
Thin film deposition Kinetic mechanisms for deposition processes
Etching processes Profile simulation, etching mechanisms
Materials screening Band structures, work functions, dielectric constants, mechanical properties
Defect engineering Defect levels, formation energies, passivation mechanisms
Interface engineering Band offsets, adhesion, interface defects
Charge transport Analysis of transport processes in semiconductors
Heat management Analysis of heat transfer processes and heat balance
Device modeling Current-voltage characteristics, leakage currents
Products for Electronic Industry

Kintech Lab software products Chemical Workbench, Khimera and MD-kMC can be used in electronic industry to develop mechanistic models for thin film deposition and surface treatment.


- Modeling of thin film deposition
- Interface engineering for MOSFET gate dielectrics