Kintech Lab - Intagrated Tools for Inventive Solutions

Research & Development Service for Materials

The development of new materials with unique properties is the key factor for the hi-tech industry. Kintech Lab provides a cost-effective solution for screening potentially new materials and optimizing their properties based on advanced modeling and simulation. This approach relates material structure at the atomistic level to its macroscopic properties using the multilevel methodology. The revealed "structure-property" correlations open up a way to knowledge-based materials screening. This approach was successfully used by Kintech Lab in developing new materials with advanced optical properties, new solid solutions with phase stability, etc. Possible R&D applications to the development of new materials are listed below.

R&D Applications
Area Activity
Alloys and solid solutions Phase diagrams of solids and solutions, phase transformations
Ion conductors Bulk mass transport in solids
Optical materials Frequency-dependent dielectric properties of solids
Conductors Band structure, conductivity of crystalline and non-ordered materials, galvano-magnetic properties
Coatings Adhesion and fracture, segregation profiles in alloys
Emitters Work-functions
Ferroelectrics and ferromagnetics Phase diagram, spontaneous polarization

- Modeling of ferroelectric transitions in perovskites
- Screening of adhesion properties
- Modeling of thin-film deposition