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Research & Development Service for Photonics

Photonics industry is developing new methods of photon generation, manipulation, and detection. New efficient light sources, such as organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) are entering the market, but their further development is necessary for wider adoption. New luminophores and X-ray scintillator materials are needed for improving the conversion efficiency of light sources and the resolution of medical equipment. Advanced photon manipulation methods based on metamaterials are being intensively studied. Below are some examples of Kintech Lab activity in photonics.

R&D Applications
Area Activity
Photonic crystals Photonic band structure, transmission and reflection coefficients, light trapping
Solar cells Recombination kinetics, conversion efficiency
Phosphors & scintillators Adsorption and emission spectra, excitation kinetics
OLED Optimization of electronic structure, conversion efficiency, charge transport, and degradation mechanisms

- Modeling of of luminophore emission properties
- Modeling of energy conversion in scintillators