Example: calculation of cathode layer creation in Ar gas

The difference between electron and ion drift velosity leads to creation of the space charge in a gaseous discharge. The figures show time-space change in the electron and ion densities pending creation of cathode layer in corona discharge in 10 atm Argon. The black lines show the electron density (solid lone) and positive ion density (deshed line) at instant 8ns after field application. Electrons and ions are created due to inozation of the gas. The number of electrons and ions is the same, but their densities are different due to the difference of their drift velocities. The space charge, which is differens of the densities distorеs the applied electric field (red line – 28 ns, blue line – 55 ns). The disturbed electric field affects the ionization rate and changes the densities of the charged particles. This self-consistent process leads to creation of the cathode layer till 55 ns. The electron and ion densities are different in the layer up to 10µm from the cathode. The electric field is different from the space charge free (Laplace) field.

Эволюция во времени и пространстве электронной и ионной плотности в ожидании создания катодного слоя в коронном разряде при 10 атм аргона

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