Kintech Lab specialists have used an original multilevel approach to solve various scientific problems in automotive industry. These are screening of the emission properties of additives in high pressure lamps; prediction of the properties of advanced type engines, such as detonation engine; elaboration of chemical mechanisms for the combustion of light and heavy hydrocarbons and complex fuels of different types (kerosene, jet A, etc.); optimization of the kinetic processes for the effective production of H2 from hydrocarbons; investigation of the heterogeneous purification of exhausted gases; and many others. By combining our experience in phenomena description at different levels (starting from elementary reactions to full-scale simulation) with a wide spectrum of experts in various branches of physics and chemistry, we can significantly accelerate the solution of such complex problems retaining the high reliability of the results.

Kintech Lab conducts research into the following areas:

Research Activity
Problem Activity
Chemical mechanisms for the combustion of hydrocarbons in a wide range of ER, pressure and temperature Ab initio recovery of the necessary thermodynamic and kinetic data. Elaboration and testing of mechanisms.
Heterogeneous kinetics of the purification of exhausted gases Calculations of rate parameters of reactions on the catalyst surface. Mechanism development.
Features of detonation wave propagation Determination of detonation cell size and chemical composition behind the detonation wave.

Case Study Examples:
  • Exhaust-gas system: Physical and chemical modeling of carbonyl diamide injection (CH4N2O)
  • Aviation kerosene combustion: multiscale, first-principles-based generation and verification of the kinetic mechanisms