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The development of combustion mechanisms in a wide range of pressures (0.1-200 atm) and temperatures (600 K < T < 4000 K), mechanism reduction, and its application at full-scale CFD simulation is one of important fields of activity of Kintech Lab. The results of the are intensively used for different industrial applications.

Special procedure of mechanism development is based on a new methodology of using of state-of-the-art approaches for recovering the parameters of chemical reactions, thermodynamic and transport properties of substances (multiscale, multiphysics approach).

Kintech Lab capabilities in mechanism generation are strongly supported by the Kintech software products, Chemical Workbench and Khimera, which are a special computational environment for mechanism generation and testing.

Reseach Applications
Problem Activity
Detailed mechanism development Mechanism development for C1-C12 hydrocarbons including nitrogen chemistry
Reduction of the detailed mechanism Mechanism reduction with the required accuracy
Mechanism validation Sensitivity analysis and test runs
Selection of a surrogate of complex fuels Choice of surrogate components ensuring the required physical and chemical properties
Design of combustion chambers Design with the detailed mechanism and simplified (0-D,1-D) hydrodynamics
CFD calculations Use of reduced mechanism for detailed CFD calculations
Case Study Examples