Kintech Lab - Intagrated Tools for Inventive Solutions


This page presents examples of Kintech Lab activity in solving funamental problems concerning energy transformation and production.

Research Activity
Problem Activity
Chemical mechanisms for combustion of hydrocarbons in a wide range of ER, pressure and temperature Ab initio recovery of the nessesary thermodynamic and kinetic data. Elaboration and testing of mechanisms.
Features of detonation wave propagation Determination of detonation cell size and chemical composition behind the detonation wave.
Interaction of non-equilibrium plasma with air-fuel mixture Determination of combustion limits, flame velosity, and ignition time
Kinetics of hydrogen-rich gas production from waste Optimization of the chemical composition of the fuel gas.

Case Study Examples:
  • Aviation kerosene combustion: multiscale, first-principles-based generation and verification of kinetic mechanisms
  • Plasma-assisted hydrogen production from H2S
  • Plasma-melt technology for waste treatment and syngas production