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Plasma Technology

The development and application of plasma technologies in Kintech Lab has a long and successeful history. Progress in plasma science is responsible for the today wide use of plasma technologies in different industries.

The high potential of Kintech Lab in this field is due to exploitation of the potentialities of multiscale and multiphysics methodology in calculation and prediction of the behavior of matter in plasma media.

Kintech Lab conducts reseach into the following areas of plasma-chemistry:

Reseach Activity
Problem Activity
Plasma effects upon induction time and flame characteristics Development of mechanisms for plasma-stimulated combustion
Plasma effects upon rate and the convertion of fuels gasification Development of homogeneous/heterogeneous plasma mechanism
Non equilibrium plasma in chemically active media Plasma-chemical mechanisms taking into account strong interaction between the plasma and media
Generation of highly intensive radiation by thermal plasma Plasma light generation and propagation in chemically active media
Plasma vapor deposition Thin (nano- and microsize) film growth
Etching of surfaces Generation of active species by plasma, transport and surface etching

Case Study Examples