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HiPerCone Company (affiliate of Kintech Lab Ltd.) announces a bunch of new electromagnetic simulation products to be released in 2017-2019. The new software uses revolutionary approach in re-designing traditional Finite Difference Time Domain algorithms to overcome the memory performance bottleneck. This will make large scale full-wave simulations very efficient for any type of modern computational platform ranging from a single CPU or GPU workstation to a supercomputer with tens of thousands of cores. The performance linearly scales with the core number regardless of the memory usage that may exceed the total RAM size of the computer. With the new HiPerCone FDTD software it will be possible to accurately calculate three dimensional full-wave models containing hundreds of wavelengths in each direction. For example, models of human body in microwave range, or of OLED emission layers in optical range, or broadband elipsometry model for nanostructured surface will be calculated within minutes of compute time using typical multi-CPU or multi-GPU workstations.