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Appendixes to this paper, and the example in the Chemical Workbench 4.0 format are here:



Additional materials

Data Base of plasma-chemical mechanism for simulation of the positive column of the glow discharge in the Ar-MeIn (Me= Tl,Bi,Ga,Sn,Zn,In) media.

This file contains data base of the mechanisms used for simulation of the properties of the glow discharge in the Ar-Metal-halide systems. Mechanisms include:

  • Set of the thermodynamic data of the species
  • Chemical mechanisms including reactions of excited atoms and molecules
  • Plasma chemical mechanism including e-atoms and molecules collision cross sections
  • Discharge parameters
  • Initial composition of the system

Mechanisms are realized as a collection of ready to use (calculations) projects in framework of the Chemical Work Bench 3.7 simulation environment. There are following projects:

  • Ar-TlI glow discharge
  • Ar-BiI3 glow discharge
  • Ar-GaI3 glow discharge
  • Ar-SnI2 glow discharge
  • Ar-ZnI2 glow discharge
  • Ar-InI/I3 glow discharge

Detailed information about mechanism properties and data used you may found in the paper (under publishing in PSST): “Comparative nonempirical analysis of emission properties of the Ar-MeIn glow discharge (Me=Ga, Zn, Sn, In, Bi, Tl)”. M Deminsky, S Adamson, I Chernysheva, N Dyatko, A Eletzkii, I Kochetov, A Napartovich, E Rykova, L Sukhanov, S Umanskii, A Zaitsevskii, D J Smith, T J Sommerer, G. Cotzas and B Potapkin.

The link for downloading the database:


Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) has practical training session on chemical physics which includes the following computer-based tasks elaborated on the basis of Chemical Workbench:

1. Chemical equilibrium of thermal dissociation and fusion reactions in molecular gases.

2. Kinetics of chain branched reaction of oxygen and hydrogen.

For more details see (in Russian).